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Who We Are

     iDevice Repair was founded in Orlando Florida by an aspiring Electrical Engineering student at UCF who had many of his peers break their iProducts quite frequently. Often times than not, the iDevices would be repaired and the business started to develop little by little as it stands today.. We at iD.R. focus mainly exceptional customer service! Our fast, affordable, and quality repairs are hard to beat and hard to come by. 


What We Do 

      iDevice Repair fixes all smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and gaming consoles. We fix anything and everything with a power button. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to contact us today!



     Why Choose Us

     iDevice Repair currently serves the Orlando, FL area and we focus on Mail-In Repairs and Mobile Repairs!

We carry a unique trait as a smartphone repair company and that is mobile repairs! We have such a diverse way of thinking about convenience and how to better suit the customers needs. Our policy is providing customer satisfaction and exceptional customer service skills with every repair we undergo. We keep you updated with the status of your repair. Once your repair is completed the part used comes with a standard 90 day warranty!

Clip of Jeremy (Owner of iDR)